Strata Management

Strata Management

the agile strata difference
Our approach to strata management ensures that owners receive maximum value for money, dedicated managers and proactive services with the expert advice from our friendly team.

We cover all aspects of managing a strata scheme and pride ourselves on excellence in financial management, so you can rest assured that your asset is being managed effectively. We treat each property as if it were our own.

To maintain our values and service to you, we focus on managing specific types of properties while limiting the number of properties we manage at any given time.

Our service offering is built upon a core and extended value added offering. The core and extended offering can be mixed and matched to suit your needs.
Our service offering

We recognise that every strata scheme is different and there's no one size fits all approach to a customers needs. Our service offering is divided into a core service and value-add offering. The core offering meets the needs of most established strata schemes that don't need extra help. The value-add offering caters for schemes that have specific projects in mind or are looking to save money on levies long term. Of course, our services can be tailored to suit your needs.

Financial management

We understand that property is one of the most significant assets Australians use to contribute to their overall wealth. To us, the financial management of a strata scheme is the single most important aspect that tells a story about how well a scheme is managed, and, if it's deriving value for you. We treat your strata schemes finances with the utmost care, transparency and attention as we would our own.
By taking this approach to financial management, we're often able to reduce levies whilst improving the property and your lifestyle.

Dedicated experts

Our university educated team stays abreast of the latest construction and property and legislative developments that impact strata schemes. Our team maintains an active interest in property investment in Australia, with several being property investors and active committee members within their own strata schemes.
We limit the number of plans that an individual manager has within their portfolio to ensure you have service continuity, a manager who understands your property in depth, and a single friendly face you can rely on.

Properties we service

Our focus is on servicing low and high rise residential strata schemes in NSW.
We're experienced in managing strata schemes of various sizes from simple 5 lot schemes, right through to sophisticated community schemes with mixed use areas, shared facilities and building management committees.
We have the skills to service commercial and retirement village strata schemes, however, our focus remains primarily on residential strata schemes.

Core services

Scheme administration
  • By-law establishment, review and compliance
  • Application processes management
  • Insurance quotations, renewal and claim management
  • Renovation application review
  • Pet application review
  • Guidance on common property ownership
  • Budget planning
  • Trust account establishment and management
  • Levy issuance, collection and management
  • Levy payment plans
  • Section 184 certificate issuance
  • Working proactively with property managers
Financial management
  • Ledger establishment and management
  • Balance sheet maintenance
  • Income and expenditure maintenance
  • Annual budget forecasting
  • Contribution schedules and management
  • Monthly cash-flow review and planning
  • Capital works plan programs tracking
  • Capital works plan reviews
  • Invoice reconciliation and payment
  • Quarterly performance reporting
  • Receiving and paying bonds
  • GST management
  • Interest and arrears management
Maintenance coordination
  • Working with your existing services
  • Work order issuance
  • Contractor compliance checks - licences and insurances
  • Council household cleanups bookings
  • Plumbing, electrical and locksmiths
  • Fire safety inspections
  • Storm water and pumps
  • Hot water services
  • Gardening and cleaning
  • Pest control treatments
  • Mechanical and other plant services
  • Occupational health & safety co-ordination
  • Disaster resolution
Meeting facilitation
  • Annual general meetings (AGM)
  • Extraordinary or other general meetings (EGM)
  • Strata committee meetings (SC)
  • Preparation of meeting agendas and motions
  • Preparation of resolutions and providing guidance to owners
  • Determination of resolution outcome
  • Preparation of voting and proxy papers
  • Electronic voting procedures and management
  • Meeting management including minuting
  • Remote meeting procedures and management
  • On-site meeting attendance
  • Off-site meeting hosting
Community engagement
  • Core business hours support
  • Video conferencing
  • WhatsApp & Telegram groups
  • Phone and teleconferencing
  • Letters with custom templates for schemes
  • Email where necessary
  • Record establishment from physical sources
  • Custom solutions built on cloud deployments
  • Data migration from proprietary systems
  • PropertyIQ expertise
  • Rockend expertise
  • Email and phone communication
  • Cloud based document storage

Strata manager or building manager?

Strata and building management services are so closely related that they're often confused for being one in the same. Whilst related, the two differ in their functions, to the extent that a clear distinction is drawn between them in legislation.
The owners corporation is ultimately responsible for the management and administration of the scheme, and the maintenance, control and use of common property. When we consider the responsibility of the owners corporation, the two main responsibilities can be summarised as scheme administration and common property management.

Administration of the scheme typically involves managing finances, keeping records, taking out insurances, governing the by-laws, communicating with owners/residents, ensuring compliance with the law and holding meetings to vote on matters that concern owners. These are the functions that a strata manager most commonly undertakes on behalf of the owners corporation.
In contrast, a building manager is a person who assists the owners corporation exclusively in functions of managing common property. For example, controlling visitor parking, organising for hallways to be cleaned, and arranging for a plumber to repair a hot water system. The skills involved in building management primary revolve around property maintenance.

Put simply, a strata manger manages the scheme, a building manager manages property.

It's critical to the success of a strata manager to understand what common property maintenance entails. Similarly, a building manager needs a good understanding of the concepts of strata management as they pertain to finances, what constitutes common property and high level problem solving skills in order to fulfil their role. The best strata and building managers demonstrate in-depth expertise across both areas, and the impact of one on the other.
We offer both strata management and building management services to deliver maximum value for your money. Both are designed to work together, however we recognise that it might not not always be practical or feasible for customers to adopt both. Our strata management services can be tailored to suit your needs and if necessary, we'll work with your existing building management provider. That's collaboration in action.

Value added services

Asset management
  • Asset register establishment and maintenance
  • Asset auditing and monitoring
  • Preventative asset maintenance planning
  • Strategic asset life-cycle planning
  • Document management for asset operational needs
  • Maintenance scheduling and financial planning
  • Issue resolution at root cause
  • Facility maintenance scheduling and management
  • Asset destruction, disposal and recycling
  • Acquisition of raw materials from suppliers
  • Warranty management
Financial management
  • Quote sourcing to settlement
  • End to end invoice workflow with layered approval and ledger reconciliation
  • Supplier negotiation and management
  • Detailed financial analysis
  • Cash flow risk identification and mitigation
  • 10-year capital works plan review, audit and management
  • Project expenditure control without special levies
  • Solutions to short term and long term cash flow problems
  • Asset revenue generation guidance
  • Cost savings identification and implementation
  • Valuation services
Maintenance management
  • Supplier sourcing and tendering
  • Contractor quality control and supervision
  • On-site access and key management
  • 24x7 support for critical work
  • Household waste disposal services
  • On-quote execution of plumbing and electrical work
  • Fire safety equipment booking, access and asset management
  • Storm water and pump maintenance service
  • Hot water maintenance service
  • Full service gardening and cleaning
  • Scheduled pest control treatments
  • Mechanical and other plant maintenance
  • Pro-active sourcing and tendering
  • Occupational health & safety risk end to end management
Community management
  • Extended hours support
  • Resident direct engagement
  • Digital sub-committee collaboration spaces
  • Sub-committee management
  • Newsletter creation and circulation
  • Social media management
  • Digital community establishment and management
  • Website establishment and management
Investor and pre-purchase services
  • Strata pre-purchase report creation
  • Pre-purchase report reviews
  • Investor cost saving suggestions
  • Property management recommendations
  • Investor & maintenance updates
  • Rental and yield updates
  • Market reports
  • Digital application forms creation
  • Paperless establishment and deployment
  • Cloud based collaboration for teams
  • Resident application deployment and engagement
  • Scheme website creation and management
  • Dedicated on-demand video conferencing
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