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The agile strata difference
We understand that in strata there are sometimes instances where you need a problem solved, need some expert support or need insight into a particular issue

As a committee member you feel like levies are too high, and you just don't have the time or energy to go through the finances. You're a strata manager that's swamped with email and just can't catch up with that demanding secretary. You're questioning what your strata manager actually does, and want to change, but can't break your contract.

These are times when you need help, you just don't know how or where to get it.
Our consulting services are short term engagements to help you get back on track.
Strata consulting

Strata is a confusing and complex domain, it's breadth and depth can surprise even the most astute investor. With so many different people participating in a strata scheme with differing accountability and objectives, it's easy to get lost in the detail. Small maintenance problems snowball into special levies. Residents are frustrated. Committees are arguing over priorities. Neighbourly trust is broken and communities are destroyed. Our consulting services are designed to solve these problems quickly, saving you pain and heartache long term. As a part of our commitment to collaboration, action and building trust, we've brought this unique offering to the industry to help strata communities everywhere.

What we consult on

We work with strata schemes to implement projects, establish clear processes, support in transitioning to self-managed arrangements, move plans to being debt-free, perform asset and financial audits, facilitate meetings, resolve disputes, and improve environmental impact. We also work developers looking to transition ownership to the new owners corporation. With strata managers and building managers, we primarily support in establishing digital technology, workflows and supplement existing resources where necessary.

Who we work with

We primarily work with strata committees, the office holders within a strata plan and sometimes the broader owners corporation. From time to time we work with strata mangers and building managers. In the property and construction industry we consult with property developers, builders, real estate agents, and property managers.
Our engagements, by design, are time limited to achieve a specific outcome within a particular budget.

Service offering

Project management services
  • Full service project management
  • Defect remediation
  • Capital project prioritisation framework
  • Renovation management
  • Quality reviews
  • Tendering and vendor selection
  • Digital community establishment and management
Asset management
  • Asset register establishment
  • Asset one-time audits
  • Asset maintenance plan establishment
  • Asset life-cycle planning
  • Document management creation for asset operational needs
  • Asset destruction, disposal and recycling
  • Acquisition of raw materials from suppliers
  • Valuation services
Committee services
  • Mediation
  • Committee workflow and operating procedures
  • Record keeping services
  • Committee establishment
  • Implementation & training using digital technologies
  • Creation of templates for committee usage
  • Social media management
Financial management
  • Detailed invoice audit
  • Budget review
  • Cash flow review
  • Levy review and comparison
  • Risk identification
  • 10-year capital works plan analysis
  • Detailed asset financial analysis
  • Revenue generation and optimisation
  • Operational cost savings identification
Developer consulting
  • Consulting on act and regulations
  • First annual general meeting (AGM)
  • Realistic and accurate budget forecasting
  • Simple and complex scheme establishment and advice
  • Transition from initial owner to new owners corporation
Self-managed schemes
  • Establishment as a self-managed scheme
  • Record keeping advice
  • Collecting and managing levies
  • Keeping community harmony
  • Engaging owners
  • Process and technology establishment
Utility and waste efficiency
  • Energy usage reviews
  • Cost optimisation services
  • NABERS ratings establishment
  • Utilities review
  • Energy market switch
  • Coffee pod recycling
  • Solar and renewable recommendations
  • Metering recommendations
  • Environmental impact rating establishment
  • Recyclables disposal review
  • Compost implementation
Project management services
  • Full service project management
  • Project scoping and sizing
  • Preparation and review of selection criteria
  • Reviewing and assessing tenders
  • Preparation of schedules and budgets
  • Management of supplies and quantities
  • Supervision of contractors and quality reviews
  • Project completion reports
  • Supplier management
  • Warranty and asset reviews
  • Digital application forms creation
  • Paperless establishment and deployment
  • Digital collaboration tooling deployment and on-boarding
  • Communication software implementation
  • Scheme website creation and management
  • Resident application deployment and onboarding
  • Migration from physical to digital
  • Custom solutions built on cloud infrastructure
  • Data migration from proprietary systems
  • Cloud based document storage
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