Strata in a connected world
Collaboration, action and trust. Here's how we're bringing agility to strata management
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We believe that by working together, taking considered action and establishing trust, living in strata becomes easy

We offer a wide range of services to people involved in strata schemes. Our unique approach is tailored to the connected world. Our approach saves owners money on levies,  ensures residents receive high quality efficient services, and provides financial transparency. Find out more about the services we offer below.


Building management

Strata and building management services often overlap and are confused for being one in the same, find out more about our building management services

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Strata management

Our approach to strata management ensures that owners receive the best value for money with the assurance of expert advice from our friendly team

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Consulting services

Our consulting services are short term engagements available to a range of people involved in strata, we solve problems, find answers and give insight quickly

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Why choose us?

Our approach

Frustrated by the status quo and poor service offered by our own strata managers, we decided the only way to change, was to be the change. With a background in software engineering, we came up with a new approach to strata management that uses the same principles of modern software development to build an entirely new way of doing business

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We offer strata and building management services. We also offer consulting services to committees and property developers.

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Find out what's involved in switching from your existing strata manager to a more agile approach to strata management

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Levy payment

Pay your levies online now using your credit or debit card through DEFT, fees and charges apply

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