Building Management

Building Management

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Our approach to building management ensures that building operations run smoothly and residents receive high quality personal service, with the assurance of expert advice from our friendly team.

Building on our strata management capability, we cover all aspects of building management and pride ourselves on operational efficiency so you can rest assured your asset is being taken care of 24x7.

To maintain our values and service to you, we focus on managing specific types of properties while limiting the number of properties we manage at any given time.

Our service offering is built upon a core and extended value added offering. The core and extended offering components can be mixed and matched to suit your needs.
Our service offering

We recognise that every building is different and there's no one size fits all approach to a customers needs. Our service offering is divided into a core service and value-add offering. The core offering meets the basic needs of most buildings that don't need specialist or full time support. Our value added offering caters for buildings that have specific needs or a desire for a higher level of more sophisticated services. Of course, our services can be tailored as desired to suit your needs.

Operational efficiency

We understand that each building is different, our approach to building management ensures that together we don't spend hours on email and paperwork. With advanced record keeping capabilities that use the very latest in cloud based software, we're able to operate and manage buildings and their associated assets with ease, giving you the assurance that we're taking care of issues before you knew they existed.

Strata expertise

Because of our foundations in strata management, we're able to bring the intricate knowledge and experience of managing a strata scheme into daily practice with building management. This ensures that you can enjoy your life whilst we take care of managing the day to day aspects of building operations. Our knowledge of strata schemes ensures and operational efficiency ensures your assets are maintained to the highest standard possible and working well. Whilst our building management services are most commonly an extension of our strata management capability, we understand that this isn't always desired, especially when you have existing services that work well for you. Holding true to our values of collaboration, action and trust, we work just as effectively with other strata managers and your existing service providers, to ensure you get the best value and service possible.

Properties we service

Whether you have a simple strata plan, complex community scheme, or building management committee with mixed use facilities, our focus is on serving residential strata schemes in NSW. Our team brings you their expertise and specialist knowledge from strata management to building management. We limit the number of properties that an individual manager has within their portfolio to ensure you have a consistently high level of service.

Core services

Building management
  • On-site, full time or part time service
  • Core, extended or 24x7 availability
  • Site access coordination
  • Facility access control and management
  • Issue logging and reporting
  • Responsive and emergency maintenance
  • Site inspections and logging
  • Building information packs
  • Explaining by-laws to residents
  • Strata committee collaboration
  • Occupational health & safety risk end to end management
  • Pet application screening and review
  • Facility and equipment rental
  • Renovation application screening and management
  • By-law monitoring and compliance
  • Key management services
Property Maintenance
  • Supplier sourcing and tendering
  • Quoting and contract management
  • Contractor compliance checks - licences and insurances
  • Pro-active sourcing and tendering
  • Maintenance scheduling and management
  • Contractor quality control and supervision
  • On-site access and key management
  • Household waste disposal services
  • Plumbing and electrical service management
  • Window cleaning service management
  • Fire safety maintenance programs
  • Storm water and pump maintenance service
  • Hot water maintenance service
  • Full service gardening and cleaning
  • Scheduled pest control treatments
  • Mechanical and other plant maintenance
Asset management
  • Asset register establishment and maintenance
  • Asset auditing and monitoring
  • Preventative asset maintenance planning
  • Strategic asset life-cycle planning
  • Document management for asset operational needs
  • Maintenance scheduling and financial planning
  • Asset destruction, disposal and recycling
  • Acquisition of raw materials from suppliers
  • Warranty management

Building manager or strata manager?

Strata and building management services are so closely related that they're often confused for being one in the same. Whilst related, the two differ in their functions, to the extent that a clear distinction is drawn between them in legislation. The owners corporation is ultimately responsible for the management and administration of the scheme, and the maintenance, control and use of common property. When we consider the responsibility of the owners corporation, the two main responsibilities can be summarised as scheme administration and common property management.

Building management services assist the owners corporation exclusively in functions of managing common property. For example, controlling visitor parking, organising for hallways to be cleaned, and arranging for a plumber to repair a hot water system. The skills involved in building management primary revolve around property maintenance and management, with a deep knowledge of what is common property.
In contrast strata scheme administration typically involves managing finances, keeping records, taking out insurances, governing the by-laws, communicating with owners/residents, ensuring compliance with the law and holding meetings to vote on matters that concern owners.

Put simply, a strata manger manages the scheme, a building manager manages property.

It's critical to the success of a strata manager to understand what common property maintenance entails. Similarly, a building manager needs a good understanding of the concepts of strata management as they pertain to finances, what constitutes common property and high level problem solving skills in order to fulfil their role. The best strata and building managers demonstrate in-depth expertise across both areas, and the impact of one on the other.

We offer both strata management and building management services to deliver maximum value for your money. Both are designed to work together, however we recognise that it might not not always be practical or feasible for customers to adopt both. Our strata management services can be tailored to suit your needs and if necessary, we'll work with your existing building management provider. That's collaboration in action.

Value added services

Utility and waste efficiency
  • Energy usage reviews
  • Cost optimisation services
  • NABERS ratings establishment
  • Negotiation with utility providers
  • Market monitoring and switching
  • Coffee pod recycling
  • Solar and renewable recommendations
  • Metering recommendations
  • Environmental impact rating
  • Recyclables disposal review
  • Compost implementation
Financial management
  • Quote sourcing to settlement
  • Supplier negotiation and management
  • Workflow integration
  • Detailed asset financial analysis
  • 10-year capital works plan audit and management
  • Asset revenue generation guidance
  • Cost savings identification and implementation
  • Valuation services
Project management services
  • Full service project management
  • Project scoping and sizing
  • Preparation and review of selection criteria
  • Reviewing and assessing tenders
  • Preparation of schedules and budgets
  • Management of supplies and quantities
  • Supervision of contractors and quality reviews
  • Project completion reports
  • Supplier management
  • Warranty and asset reviews
Community management
  • Event planning and execution
  • Social media management
  • Digital community management
  • Website establishment and management
  • Strata and community meeting attendance
  • Dispute resolution services and mediation
  • Community garden maintenance
Concierge Services
  • Full time on-site service
  • 24x7 emergency services available
  • General assistance for residents
  • Access and key management services
  • Move-in / move-out services and bookings
  • Local area knowledge of restaurants, cafes and bars
  • Facility reservation and hire management
  • Equipment lending and management
  • Dry-cleaning pickup/drop-off
  • Parcel collection and storage
  • Parking reservation and visitor access
  • Paperless establishment and deployment
  • Digital application form processing
  • Cloud based collaboration for teams
  • Resident application deployment and engagement
  • Scheme website creation and management
  • Dedicated on-demand video conferencing
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