We offer a wide range of services to people involved in all aspects of strata schemes.
Our unique approach is tailored to the connected world.

Our service offering

Strata management

We help our customers navigate strata schemes with confidence and ease. With so many people and personalities involved, keeping a scheme running efficiently can often feel like an inescapable burden.

Our approach to strata management ensures that owners  receive the best value for money with the assurance of expert advice from our friendly team.
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Building management

Managing a buildings is often a difficult and time consuming task. Equipment maintenance, chasing quotes, finding qualified tradespeople, and ensuring that jobs are completed on time can make the hours in a day seem to fly by.

Our building management services complement our strata expertise, so that you're free to focus on the things you'd rather be doing.
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Consulting services

Whether you're a committee member, secretary, treasurer, chair, strata manager, or building manager, the communications, management and governance of a strata scheme can be difficult and time consuming.

Our consulting services are available to a range of stakeholders participating in a strata scheme, to simplify and spend time doing the things they love.
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Our Approach

Fastidious record keeping

The first element of our approach is to ensure comprehensive and accurate records exist for the strata plan.

These elements are comprised of financial records, asset records and correspondence records.

By having a clear view of these, we achieve reduced levies for our clients, increased value by reducing waste, and enable fast, fact-based decision making.
Financial records

Financial records tell us a unique story about the property over the years. Not only do we focus on the trust accounts and ledgers, we go a step further by ensuring every invoice and receipt is accounted for correctly and meets our minimum criteria for completeness. This forms the foundation of our record keeping approach.

Asset records

Asset records tell us about the state of maintenance of any piece of equipment, and, when combined with our financial records allow us to trace back to the people, dates and times that an asset was maintained, enabling us to plan with you for the future, keeping costs down and ensuring you're setup for a financially stable and future.


Correspondence records are the third piece of our approach, where we combine the financial and asset records together. We gain view of what action was performed when,  why those actions were taken, who made those decisions, and what information was available at the time, enabling fact-based efficient decision making and discussions moving forward.

Technology support

We appreciate that lots of problems can be solved with a simple conversation, and aim to keep email to a minimum.

Paperless is a very real possibility. The arrival has been slow to adopt. We believe digital mediums are better in every aspect, so when possible, we'll use digital mediums throughout our services.

We aim to use technology as much as possible to automate simple tasks, to ensure you're not spending hours looking for information and replying to emails.

Email is a wonderful communications too, however it seems far less wonderful when you've spent all day replying to emails, reading hundreds that have been sent from the strata committee and other owners. We've all been there. We aim to solve problems with you by collaborating in person as much as possible, whilst we appreciate email, a phone call is often all it takes to resolve a problem, or better explain what you're trying to say, so we keep email to a minimum.

Digital systems

In the modern world, we don't view paper paper as an essential part of our operations. We don't even print business cards. Paper is costly, slow, harmful to the environment and takes up valuable space. We recognise there are a few circumstances where there's a still a legal requirements to use paper, for example where a physically signed document must be sighted. We will use paper only in these instances when absolutely necessary, otherwise all of what we do is managed digitally.

Constantly connected

In the modern world, just about everybody is connected to the internet. We use secured cloud based applications and tools to support our daily operations from anywhere in the world. We've integrated and built systems that work together to automate simple tasks. That means if you're in Singapore, San Francisco or Sydney, were able to collaborate and ensure your property is being managed well. No more spending hours digging through emails or filling out that application form and taking a photo of it. Open, tap, type, submit, done.

Boutique agency

We actively work to keep the number and types of buildings under management small, sometimes turning away business that don't align with our values.

This allows us to maintain our service to you and stay true to our values.

We focus on managing specific types of properties while limiting the number of properties we manage at any given time.
Properties we service

Our focus is on servicing low and high rise residential strata schemes in NSW.
We're experienced in managing strata schemes of various sizes from simple 5 lot schemes, right through to sophisticated community schemes with mixed use areas, shared facilities and building management committees.
We have the skills to to service commercial and retirement village strata schemes, however, our focus remains primarily on residential strata schemes.

Expert service

Our university educated team stays abreast of the latest construction and property and legislative developments that impact strata schemes. Each person on our team maintains an active interest in property investment in Australia, with several being property investors and active committee members within their own strata schemes. Age is merely a number. When we hire, we look for underlying skills, motivation, ability to learn, knowledge and passion.

Management consistency

We limit the number of plans that an individual manager has within their portfolio to ensure you have service continuity, a manager who understands your property in depth, and a single friendly face you can rely on.

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What our customers are saying

"The team at agile strata came to our assistance in our time of most need. We had just finished a legal dispute over defects and needed to get our building back on track. Our manager was charging us thousands annually to attend meetings, send correspondence and even get quotes to for the most basic work! With Marks support we've been able to keep our costs low and our building humming"

-Secretary, 20 lot scheme, Alexandria

"Agile strata management saved our building from having to raise special levies after our former strata manager left us in debt to a number of tradespeople. We're so glad we got in touch, the service the team provided saved us a lot of stress and heartache"

-Chair, 18 lot scheme, Bankstown

"Working with Mark from agile strata has been a delight. His tireless, constant dedication to ensure our building is running smoothly is unparalleled"

-Secretary, 97 lot scheme, Redfern